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Chem3D is a powerful desktop modeling program that enables synthetic chemists and biologists to generate 3D models of small molecules and biochemical compounds and to perform a variety of calculations and actions on the models to explore properties and interactions.

Workstation-quality molecular graphics and computational methods to desktop
Molecular and ChemInformatics group can access high quality, easy to use visualization and computation tools at a low cost
Visualization and molecular modeling for both small molecules & protein
Interface to MOPAC, Jaguar, Gaussian and GAMESS
semi-empirical and ab initio computational package
3D graphics on the web using Chem3D ActiveX
MMFF94 Force Field Minimization
Support for protein calculations
Specifically designed to perform energy calculations and minimizations on proteins and other biological structures
More atom types and better parameters
MMFF94 was parameterized as a combined organic/protein force field, and so is equally applicable for proteins, small molecules, or systems containing both.
Additionally, MMFF94 force field provides a richer set of atom types than MM2, so MMFF94 calculations may succeed in cases where MM2 calculations fail due to missing atom types
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